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The Friends of Redhall Park is a group dedicated to promoting, maintaining and improving the green spaces of Redhall Park in the southwest of Edinburgh.


Redhall Park is just west of Slateford Viaduct and running alongside the rail line and canal. Redhall Park is home to a playground, a football pitch, and range of trees and wildlife. Trees to spot include beech, hawthorn, oak, black poplar, sweet chestnut and Scots fir.


Redhall Park is so well-valued by Longstone residents, we believe a Friends of Redhall Park group will help to protect this park and its facilities. We are exploring projects with the aim to improve our park such as tree planting, creating a herb garden, improving facilities, etc.

Get Involved

Whether you live in the Longstone area, or you are just a fan of the park - if you are interested in getting involved and helping out in any way with the creation of the new Friends of Redhall Park group, please get in touch.

Park Walk

Redhall Park Walk is a 0.6 kilometre lightly trafficked loop trail located near Edinburgh, Scotland and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking and running.

Length: 0.6 kilometre

Elevation gain: 17 meters

Route type: Loop

News 1

The park was recently inundated with a horrifying sewage leak. The pitch, normally used by local kids football teams, were unusable, and authorities have only recently begun to address the issue. 

News 2

ReDrawing Edinburgh; 3 Edinburgh Quarries; Longstone & Slateford


A Facebook Live event will be on Wednesday 9th September to explore the history and present day of the three great quarries of Edinburgh's Longstone and Slateford communities; Hailes Quarry (Hailes Quarry Park), Old Redhall Quarry (Dovecot Park) and New Redhall Quarry (Redhall Park), which are now three parks for residents in the area. These quarries once provided the sandstone for much of Edinburgh’s buildings between the 17th and 20th centuries.

Find out about the impact of quarrying on the history and geography of the area, as well as insights ranging from fossils to roundheads to cherry blossoms! This presentation will be delivered by Margaret Campbell, local resident, retired lecturer and a Longstone Community Councillor.

Latest Project


Community Clean Up


We organise litter pick events with the aim to tackle litter and waste to protect, enhance Redhall park and spaces as well as combating climate change. The City of Edinburgh Council provides us with clean up kits, including litter pickers for adults and children, and they will also remove any litter that has been collected.​ We adhere to all Scottish Government's guidelines for socially distancing.

We meet at Redhall Park every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month at 1pm - all is welcome!

News 3

Coming soon!

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